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Dear Colleague:

If you have not joined us before, you'll discover how Ben Franklin Institute Summits are a whole different experience in Conferencing.

These are always our priorities:

Our Keynotes, everyone of them, are headliners and best-selling authors... selected not only for their comprehensive experience and cutting-edge knowledge, but equally for their riveting and entertaining presentation.

We bring the best and brightest from many disciplines, which ultimately offers a broader perspective and an expanded learning opportunity for mental health professionals.

Our Mission: To provide mental health care providers with the resources for continuing education, inspiration and spirituality through seminars, conferences, workshops and professional exhibitions.

To bring leading authors, speakers and advocates in the mental health care field together with practicing professionals for the exchange of knowledge and for fostering career development.

To maintain the spirit of Benjamin Franklin by always being inquisitive, inventive and unwilling to accept limitations based on fear or lack of understanding.

Paul Ortman
Founder and Executive Director
Ben Franklin Institute