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Title: About installing the scanner

Description: Details on how to install the MS-610 scanner

Issue: How to install the MS-610 bar code scanner.

Solution: The MS-610 can be mounted directly to a mounting surface of your choice, or indirectly, via a mounting plate. To permanently mount the scanner:
 1. Position the scanner in a dry place, devoid of sunlight, bright lights, or laser light from other sources. Before mounting, ensure sufficient clearance at the rear of the scanner to allow for the 15-pin connector and cable. If not using the mounting plate accessory, use the measurements provided in your user manual to locate centers of mounting holes and drill four 5/32 inch holes. If using mounting plate accessory, use the four perimeter holes to mount the plate and mount scanner directly to the four inner holes on the plate. Secure the scanner with four 6-32 screws.

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