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Title: About adjusting other scanning parameters

Description: Details on how to adjust scanning parameters.

Issue: How to adjust the various things that may improve read rates on labels.

Solution: Range
 Adjusting the label's range, if possible, is one of the quickest and most effective ways to improve read rates. However, in some applications you may need to select a less than optimum range, or one that is beyond the fringes of the ranges.
 Scan Width
 Increading scan width will increase the number of scans in a picket fence oriented application. Scan width is linked with scan range and changing one will usually require a change in the other.
 Label Speed
 This applies to both picket fence and ladder oriented labels. If your application allows it, label speed, which is the distance covered in time(how many inches in one second),is an effective way to alter the number of scans.
 Label Dimensions, Label Density, and Label Ratio
 Not usually an option in most appliations, but changes to label parameters can affect number-of-scan calculations and possibly read rates.
 If your applciation allows it, shortening the length of a picket fence label means the label will be in the scan range longer and hence receive a greater number of scans. Increasing the height of a ladder label means it will receive more scans. Changing label density and/or bar code ratio is another way ranges, read rates, etc. can be altered.

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