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Title: How to calculate number of scans

Description: Details on how to calculate the number of scans per label.

Issue: How to calculate the number of scans your label should receive.

Solution: To ensure reliable scanning, we recommend that you apply a minimum of five scans to each label. Use the formulas below to calculate the number of scans that your label will receive.
 If the number of scans you derive from one of these calculations is less than the minimum for your application, plug in the minimum number of scans and solve for another parameter that might be changed, such as label speed or scans per second.
 (Label Height/Label Speed x Scan Rate) -3
 (Scan Width-Label Length/Label Speed x Scan Rate) -3
 The number of complete scans for angled picket fence is calculated the same as that for picket fence, with the exception that the scan width is shortened in proportion to scan tilt.
 Scan Rate is the number of scans per second that a given scanner is capable of emitting
 Scan Width is the width across the scan beam, at a given distance from the scanner, in which a label can be read.
 Label Speed is the distance per second that a label moves as it travels throught the scan lines.
 Label Length is the length of the longest printed label to be read plus the length of the quiet zones.
 Label Height is a measurement of the height of individual bars.

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