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Title: About testing decode rate with static label

Description: Details on how to test the decode rate with a static label sample.

Issue: How to test the decode rate with a static label sample.

Solution: Follow the steps listed to do a decode test:
 1. Position the label in front of a functioning scanner, click on the Utilities button, and in the Read Rate dialog either click the Percent or Decodes/Sec radio button and click Start, or enter the <Cp> or <C> command from the host terminal to launch test.
 2. Observe rate. (The percent or decode rate is added to the front of the data string.)
 3. End the test by clicking the Stop button or the <J> command.
 NOTE: If, after making adjustments, you have changed the read range or another parameter used in the number of scans formula, you should recalculate the number of scans (see "Formulas for Numbers of Scans" in your user manual).
 NOTE: Variations between labels are common. For this reason, the greater number of sample labels you test, the more likely you are to achieve optimum decode rates.

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