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Title: About setting raster height and sweep rate

Description: Details on how to set raster height and sweep rate on the MS-850

Issue: How to set raster height and sweep rate on the MS-850.

Solution: Raster height is set by defining the Top Offset and Bottom Offset in the Raster Controls menu and visually confirming that the resulting raster pattern matched your requirements. See Raster Setup in your user manual for more detailed information.
 IMPORTANT NOTE; The maximum raster height will be constrained by the sweep rate you have selected:
 Raster Sweep Angle Sweeps Per Sec.
 1-10 degrees 30
 11-20 degrees 20
 21-36 degrees 10
 Raster Sweep is the number of times the raster beam traverses its arc, up or down, in a second. Slower settings are generally preferred since they will product more reads.

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