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Title: About read range and scan width

Description: Details on what read range to consider and scan width relating to the MS-850.

Issue: What to cosider in regards to read rance and scan width.

Solution: 1. Verify that the labels to be scanned will pass throught the readable range. Optimum decode rates can be expected at the center of the depth of field (halfway between minimum and maximum read range) for a given bar code density.
 2. Note the approximate scan width at the specific distance the labels will be passing through.
 Read range is the distance from the scanner in which a passing label can be read. For the MS-850, read range varies from 2 to 25 inches (standard model) depending on label density and optical version of scanner.
 Scan width is that distance across the scan arc in which a label can be read. For a moving label, the closer to the scanner, the shorter the time it will be within the scan width, and hence the fewer scans it will receive.

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