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Title: About scanner position

Description: Details on how to position the scanner depending upon your application.

Issue: How to position your scanner for mounting depending upon application demands.

Solution: Before permanent mounting:
 1. Position the scanner and label, taking care to avoid excessive tilt, skew, or pitch. Maximum tilt is determined by label characteristics and the number of scans required. Maximum skew is +/- 40 degrees; maximum pitch is +/- 50 degrees.
 2. Pitch label slightly to avoid specular reflection, the return of direct, non-diffused light. The specular reflection zone is a narrow zone straight out from the scanner in which direct reflected light from a label can distort the scanner's ability to distinguish bars from spaces. For the MS-850 raster scanner, specular reflection is avoided by pitching labels at least 5 degrees plus or minus from a line perpendicular to the raster mirror.
 NOTE: Another way to avoid specular reflection is to skew the scanner slightly in relation to the label.

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