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Title: Testing bar code label

Description: Details on how to test your bar code label using the MS-880.

Issue: How to test your bar code label using the MS-880.

Solution: If autocalibration passes, the scanner sends data to your computer and emits a beep for each good read. You can now move your symbol towards the scanner and away from the scanner until the decodes drop off in each direction. This will give you a sense of the depth of field (inner and outer ranges) for the label density and range of your current settings.
 NOTE: If scanner is in the default Continuous Read mode, it will read the beep repeatedly as long as a readable label remains in the read range and the read cycle configuration has not changed.
 IMPORTANT: To receive bar code data through the 9-pin configuration port, you must enable the port with the following command: <K146,,1>.
 NOTE: See Chapters 3 through 8 of your user manual for individual serial commands, onboard menus, and ESP navigation.

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