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Title: Autocalibration

Description: Details on how to Autocalibrate your MS-880, long range bar code scanner.

Issue: How to use the Autocalibration feature on you MS-880 scanner.

Solution: a) Start Autocalibration by sending <@CAL> command from your terminal. Notice that after a few seconds the scan beam will begin to sharpen as it focuses in on your symbol.
 An Autocalibration in Progress message will be displayed on your monitor along with other information.
 Allow some time for the scanner to cycle through the focus, gain, and tracking settings. Do not move or disturb scanner or label while Autocalibration is in progress. (It might take 2 to 3 minutes to complete)
 2. When completed, the settings that provided the hightest read rate will be selected. You will see one of the following messages: Autocalibration Passed, Autocalibration Failed, or Original Settings were Optimal.
 After autocalibration has passed, the scanner will automatically exit the autocalibration routine and if in Continuous Read mode will begin scanning for a label.
 3. If you are using the 9-pin configuration port you will not be able to see data on your screen unless you send a <K146,,1> command.
 NOTE: If you wish to silence the beeper, interrupt reading by removing or blocking the test label, or send a <K702,0> command to disable the beeper.
 NOTE: See Chapter 10 in your user manual, "Calibration," for more details on calibration.

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