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Title: Establishing communications with MS-911

Description: Details on how to establish communications with you MS-911 bar code scanner.

Issue: How to establish communications with you MS-911 bar code scanner.

Solution: To set up the host communications, from the ESP main menu:
 1. Select Serial Port and Configure from the pull-down menus.
 2. Make the port selection from Serial Port options COM1 through COM8. (Usually COM2 for desktops and COM1 for laptops.)
 3. Click the Auto Baud button or select Auto Baud from Serial Port pull down menu.
 ESP will cycle through the various baud, etc. combinations until communications are established (look for the CONNECTED banner on your screen) or the cucle is completed without connecting and a DISCONNECTED banner appears on your screen. You can also interrupt the search by click the Syop button.
 Allow some time for the auto baud routing to test all of the combinations. You can watch this at the bottom of the dialog box. Once it has found it, it will change the host's settings to match the scanner.
 The default settings for the MS-911 scanner are 9600 baud, Even Parity, 7 Data Bits and 1 Stop Bits.

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