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Title: Scanner position

Description: Details on how to position the MS-911 bar code scanner.

Issue: How do I best position my MS-911 bar code scanner?

Solution: 1. Position the scanner in a place devoid of sunlight, bright lights, or laser light from other sources.
 2. Avoid excessive tilt, skew, or pitch. Maximum tilt is determined by label characteristics and the number of scans required. Maximum skew is +/- 40 degrees; maximum pitch is +/- 50 degrees.
 3. Pitch label slightly to avoid specular reflection, the return of direct, non-diffused light. For the MS-911, pitch angles between +3 and +5 degrees should be avoided since they may cause specular reflection, the return of direct, non-diffuse light.
 NOTE: Another way to avoid specular reflection is to skew the scanner slightly in relation to the symbol.

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