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Title: Saving Settings

Description: Details on how to save settings to Quadrus

Issue: How to save settings done to Quadrus 2D code reader.

Solution: Using the Send/Recv dialog box, you can save your current settings to the reader by clicking SEND/NO SAVE.
 You can also save your current settings to the reader for power-up by clicking SEND/SAVE.
 Once you've arrived at sarisfactory settings for a particular symbol or operation, you may want to save these settings to a file on your host computer by usting the File/Save As function and creating a file name that relates to your symbol or application.
 This allows you to continue on and make additional changed to your scanner without losing the originals.
 See also "interface" in your user manual for other save/reset/recall operations.
 NOTE: Allow at least 3 seconds after saving before sending a command or starting another operation.

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