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Title: Center Symbol in the Field of View

Description: Details on how to center your symbol in the field of view of the Quadrus 2D code reader.

Issue: How do I center the datamatrix symbol in the field of view of my Quadrus 2D coder reader?

Solution: When an object is detected in the field of view (FOV), it is represented by a red or green outline in the Locate Label dialog box window. If the outline is Red, the object could be a symbol that has not yet been decoded. If green, the object is a symbol that has successfully been decoded.
 a) While watching the response of the outline(s) inside the Locate Label dialog box window, reposition the label or Quadrus (without changing the recommended distance between them) until you've centered the label in the window.
 b) You will minimize specular reflection and improve your read rate if you are careful to set the Quadrus at least 15 degrees angle relative to a line perpendicular with the label.
 c) To confirm the Quadrus is looking at your sumbol, check Overlay option to see a compressed image.
 NOTE: In Overlay mode, there is approximately 1 second delay between image captures.
 NOTE: The read rate percentage, from 0 to 100, is indicated by the read rate bar below the message window (figure 1-6).
 NOTE: For in depth discussion of illumination parameters, see "Static Setup" in your user manual.

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