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Title: How to locate a symbol with Quadrus

Description: Details on how to locate a symbol using the Quadrus 2D code reader.

Issue: How do I locate the symbol that I am trying to read with the Quadrus 2D code reader?

Solution: 1. Click the Calibration button in the ESP program.
 2. Click the Locator tab.
 Unless you enabled One Shot for Serial Trigger, Calibration will put the Quadrus in a Continuous mode (overriding any other trigger settings), and cause it to search for images and symbols.
 When Quadrus finds an object that satisfies its criteria for a symbol, Quadrus displays it in the locator box as a polygon outline. The outline will be red if Quadrus detects an extraneous object or fails to decode a symbol. It will be green if a symbol is successfully decoded.

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