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Title: Connecting to the scanner via the Concentrator

Description: Details on how to connect your scanner to the MS-5000 concentrator for Multidrop

Issue: How do I connect my scanner to the concentrator in multidrop?

Solution: You will need a multidrop concentrator and the required power supplies and cabling to communicate with your scanner(s).
 1. From the Communications drop down menu, select Configure Multidrop to bring up the Multidrop Settings dialog.
 2. If necessary, change the default address to match the address of your multidropped scanner and click OK.
 If the hose serial port is not connected in ESP, you will see the following popup message: ESP is not currently connected to the multidrop concentrator. Do you wish to establish a connection now?
 3. Click Yes. You will see the Serial Communication Parameters dialog as shown here: Notice that the Force Connection option is checked. Do not change this.
 4. Select the concentrator's host port communications settings. When you click on Connect, you will be connecting to your concentrator, which can then relay commands to the scanner whose address was set in the Multidrop Settings dialog.
 5. Click Connect
 6. You should see the Connected message in green at the bottom of the window and the scanner's Multidrop address.
 7. Do Retrieve as Program to upload scanner's configuration. If upload fails, return to the Serial Communications Parameters dialog and make the corrections.
 8. Follow the same procedure for connecting other scanners to your multidrop network.
 For more information, see your scanner user's manual or Microscan's MS-5000 Multidrop Concentrator User's Manual.
 Note: If setting up a Quadrus scanner for multidrop, the concentrator's Turnaround TImeout must be set at 35 ms

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