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Title: Configuring your scanner for Multidrop

Description: Details on how to configure your scanner for multidrop using ESP.

Issue: How do I configure my scanner for multidrop using ESP software?

Solution: 1. With the scanner connected to the host, do Retrieve as Program.
 2. Select Multidrop in the Protocol configuration menu. You will see a warning message that reads: "You must change your preamble and postamble characters so that they are not CR." This allows data to move through the conecntrator without interface.
 3. Click OK
 4. Next, go to Preamble Message (still in the Protocol menu) and double-click on Characters.
 5. This will open up an ASCII character table. Click on any character other than CR. For ecample, click on LF.
 6. Do the same for Postamble.
 7. Check the multidrop address. Enter a number from 01 to 50.
 8. Right click in the dialog and select Save to Scanner for Power On.
  Your scanner is now in multidrop. From here on, you will need to use the concentrator to relay commands and data between the scanner and the host.

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