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Title: Positioning the Scanner and Symbol

Description: Details on how to set up a symbol distance you will be using in your application.

Issue: How do I set up a symbol distance that I will be using in my application?

Solution: You may find the test codes on the back of the CD jacket useful. (From top to bottom they are PDF417, 15 mil Code 39, and UHD 2D data matrix.)
 Code 39 is the default code type enabled. If you are uncertain as to the symbology type:
 1. Send autodiscrimination command <P> from the terminal window to enable all codes, and
 2. Right-click anywhere in the configuration window, and
 3. Select Retrieve as Program.
 In positioning the scanner and symbols being scanned, consider the following:
  a) Avoid bright light or IR light from other sources, including other scanners
  b) Pitch or skew label or scanner plus or minus 15 degrees to avoid specular reflection, the return of direct, non-diffused light.

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