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Title: Making changes to scanner configuration

Description: Details on how to makes changes to scanner configuation and saving the changes

Issue: How to make changes to your scanners configuation and then save the updates

Solution: 1. Double click on the setting )for example, the End of Read Cycle).
 2. Place your pointer in the selection box, scroll down to the setting you wish and click on the setting.
 3. Click again on the open screen to complete the selection.
 4. Right click on the open screen and select Save to Scanner to implement the command in the scanner. You have 3 choices:
  a) In Memory. This activates all changes in current memory. These changes will be lost upon power on.
  b) For Power On, not factory. This will cause the scanner to beep, indicating that the change has been activated and all changes have been saved to the scanner for power on, except factory settings.
  c) For Power On, including factory. Same as above, except that changes to factory settings will also be preserved for power on. Note: consult your model specific user's manual for a list of factory settings.

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