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Title: About Special Software

Description: Which software is compatible with MS-610

Issue: Which software is used to configure an MS-610?

Solution: To configure the MS-610 you can use a terminal or terminal program running on a PC. A common application that comes stock with Windows is Hyper Terminal. Follow these steps:
 1. Open HyperTerminal: Click on Start Programs Accessories HyperTerminal(folder)Hypertrm.exe
 2. Give the session a name and an icon then click OK
 3. When prompted to install a modem click Close
 4. When the phone number box pops up select connect using: com port the scanner is connected to and click OK
 5. COM properties pops up set the following:
 Bits per second: 9600
 Data bits: 7
 Parity: Even
 Stop bits: 1
 Flow control: none
 6. Click OK
 7. Read sample code 39 bar code
 8. Change COM settings by selecting File Properties then click the configure button.
 9. Set the values per step 5
 10. Click OK
 11. Apply the settings: Call Disconnect Call Connect
 12. The status bar at the bottom of the screen should show 3 boxes:
 13. You are now connected

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