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Title: About MS-610

Description: Details on best colors to print bar code labels for MS-610

Issue: What is the best color for a bar code label for the MS-610 scanner to read

Solution: The best colors to print a car code are black and white. When making a bar code, you want as much contrast as possible between bars and spaces. If you have a green background, the best color should still be black. The best way to determine how well the code will read is to perform a read rate test. Through a terminal to the scanner, enter the read rate test by sending the command . The scanner will put a percentage on the screen. This percentage is an indication of how well the scanner reads the code. Try moving the scanner to different distances and ranges to get the best read rate (highest percentage). The value you get on the screen is a percentage of 200 scans per second (100% is 200 scans/second). This should give you an idea of how well the bar code will read.

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