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Title: About MS-610

Description: Details on how to default the MS-610 scanner

Issue: How do you reset the factory default settings on an MS-610 scanner?

Solution: NOTE: Defaulting the scanner by shorting the default pin to signal ground (pins 8 and 4 of HD15 connector, pins 7 and 11 of DB25 connector). This can be done with a mating connector that is made up with a jumper between the two pins, or by using a wire to short the pins. To default: 1. Turn power to the scanner ON 2. Locate default pin and scanner ground, make note of these pins 3. Momentarily short the two pins using the maring connector or jumper wire. Listen for a series of beeps. 4. Within 3 seconds, short the two pins again. A longer beep should be heard. 5. If no second beep is heard, repeat the process.

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