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Title: About MS-3000

Description: Details on how to default the MS-3000 decoder

Issue: How do you reset the factory default settings on an MS-3000?

Solution: When you attempt to default the MS-3000, follow this procedure. (Note: Defaulting the scanner will loose all configuration. Make sure you have a copy of the configuration). You can default the scanner by shorting the Default pin to signal ground (see diagram in user manual). This can be done with a mating connector this is made up with a jumber between the two pins, or by using a wire to short the pins. CAUTION: Be certain that the correct pins are shorted. Shorting the wrong pins can cause serious damage to the scanner. To default follow the following steps: 1. Turn power to the scanner ON 2. Locate default pin and scanner ground, make a note of these pins. 3. Momentarily short the two pins using the mating connector or jumper wire. Listen for a series of beeps. 4. Within 3 seconds, short the two pins again. A longer beep should be heard. 5. If no second beep is heard, repeat the process. The default pin is a direct line into the processor of the decoder. If the MS-3000 does not default, then there is a hardware problem, the decoder will need to be serviced.

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